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IFS Builder 3d

The IFS Builder 3d program is used for building 3D images of self-similar fractals.

The program can also create stereopictures (a stereo-pair of images, looking through which, you can see one three-dimensional object) and animations of fractals, including motion, zooming and morphing. It supports attractors of Affine and Mebius Iterated Function Systems (IFS) and more general graph-directed IFS.

IFS Builder 3d Release

FileVersionRelease DateDescription
ifsb-1.7.6-win32.exe1.7.630.05.2011 Windows 32-bit
ifsb-1.7.6-win64.exe1.7.630.05.2011 Windows 64-bit
ifsb-1.7.0-linux-console.tar.gz1. Console Linux version

Program Features

  • High quality of the calculated images of self-similar, self-affine, and Mebius-generated fractals. The program uses original algorithms, standing good ratio between the quality of fractal images and calculation time.
  • Ray-tracing algorithm with support for light sources, shadows, mirrors.
  • The program includes several hundreds of samples. Some of them are placed in the gallery. Samples are stored in simple text file, so, when needed, they can be easily added or modified.
  • Support for self-affine and mebius-generated fractals (i.e. the Residue Appolony's Set). The type of the fractal is determined automaticaly.
  • Random-generated fractals.
  • Anti-aliasing support.
  • Fractal systems are determined by powerful scripting language, similar to javascript (see language description).
  • High-resolution polygraphic quality images.


Bugreports and suggestions shall be sent to