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Best Fractal Resources of Internet


  • The Infinite Fractal Loop. The project uniting hundred of the best fractal galleries all over the world. After visiting them you will understand the level of modern fractal art! The site www.fractalus.com of this project also hosts several excellent galleries.


  • Digraph Fractals. The theory , examples, and some methods of construction. If you decide to investigate what is Digraph IFS (our program constructs exactly them) certainly visit this site!
  • Larry Riddle's Classic IFS. This site explains what is IFS by simple language and with good examples. In detail, it also explains how to determine self-similar fractals geometrically and algebraically.
  • IFS tiles. Tiles are sets by which it is possible to pave entire plane or space. Usual square on the plane can serve as the simplest example, although there are completely nontrivial sets, for example Levy curve. The dimension of tiles always coincides with the dimension of the space.
  • "The Mandelbrot and Julia sets Anatomy" helping to study online the structure and the properties of Julia and Mandelbrot's set, illustrated by numerous examples in Java.

3d fractals

  • 3D Strange Attractors and Similar Objects Three-dimensional fractals against the background of nature :) . There are strange attractors, self-similar fractals and three-dimensional sections of 4-dimensional Zhulia sets, built with the aid of the quaternions (this is the well known technology, you can read more about it at Fractal FAQ - Q20).
  • 3D Fractal Generator Java applet with source code, constructing several 3d selfsimilar fractals.
  • POVRay Fractal Raytracing Contest. Competition for construction of a three-dimensional fractals with well known ray-tracing program POVRay.
  • Octahedral Sierpinski Carpet it shows, as with the aid of the "Tachyon" system (intended for processing the large quantity of spheres) it is possible to build three-dimensional self-similar set.
  • IFS et L-systemes three-dimensional L-systems. There are some images and animations.


  • Fractracer is a fractal constructor, allowing to assemble and rotate fractals just with a mouse. The program for designers and mathematicians. It support powerful class of attractors of Digraph contraction systems with arbitrary given (compilable) maps.
  • Ultra Fractal one of the best programs, building fractals, with large abilities of image processing.
  • ChaosPro can build many kinds of different fractals including 3-dimensional ones.
  • Fractal Explorer supports many kinds of fractals. Among them: strange attractors, quaternion Julia sets and "Landscapes". The program has great ability on image processing and supports a large set of different filters. Although, in our opinion, for the fractal program this is superfluous and takes away from the mathematical essence of the constructed objects. Nevertheless fractals are not only mathematics, but also a kind of art...